Warner Theatre Hears a Who in ‘Seussical The Musical’


The cast of “Seussical The Musical” at Warner Theatre. Credit: Mandi Martini

Of all the places you go, one of them should be to this Warner show.

It’s a musical called “Seussical” that will give you lots of thinks.
And it’s a production enjoyable both for adults and kiddliwinks.

Our happy, lovable elephant Horton (Josh Newey) hears a many a Who land on a clover,
And the whimsical Cat in The Hat (Samuel Everett) sparks wide-eyed young JoJo’s (Trevor Rinaldi) imagination to runneth over.


Josh Newey as Horton the Elephant. Credit: Mandi Martini


JoJo (Trevor Rinaldi) and The Cat in the Hat (Samuel Everett). Credit: Mandi Martini

Meanwhile brassy diva lazy Mazie La Bird (Mary C. Johnson) wants all the attention,
As Horton’s nerdy, quirky and adorable neighbor, Gertrude McFuzz (Maggie Gillette) seeks his affection.


Mazie La Bird (Mary C. Johnson). Credit Mandi Martini


Gertrude McFuzz (Maggie Gillette). Credit: Mandi Martini

The mischievous Wickersham Brothers (Raymond Cook, Theron Johnson III, Michael Newman) monkey around, wreaking havoc on Horton in the Jungle of Nool,
And we get oh so much sass and opinions from jazzy, alto AlexaRae Campagna as the spunky Sour Kangaroo.

Wickersham Bros

The Wickersham Brothers (Michael Newman, Raymond Cook, Theron Johnson III) Credit: Mandi Martini


Sour Kangaroo (AlexaRae Campagna) and Horton (Josh Newey). Credit: Mandi Martini

The Bird Girls (Veronica Johnson, Caleigh Lozito, Kennedy Morris) chirp angelic, operatic gospel with attitude,
And we fell oh so sorry for selfless Horton and one-feather tailed Gertrude.


The Bird Girls (Kennedy Morris, Caleigh Lozito and Veronica Johnson). Credit: Mandi Martini

Creators Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens teach us a lot of lessons through Seuss,
About the dangers of over-indulging in medicine to give us long tails on our caboose,
Or abandoning one’s egg to go to Palm Beach, using many an excuse,
Or Mr. Mayor (JD Bauer) and Mrs. Mayor (Sara Wilson) discouraging their child, JoJo’s thinks, scared of them running wild and loose.


A person’s a person no matter how small, which is why everyone in this cast is important, after all.
From the Whos to the Citizens of Nool, they put in all of their energy and really answer the call.


The Whos and The Grinch. Credit: Mandi Martini

The set has a very illustrated, Seussy flare popping against the vibrant and stunning costumes and hair!


Kaitlyn Anthony as a featured dancer in the circus. Credit: Mandi Martini

Even if you’re like General Gengus Kahn Schmitz (Conrad Sienkiewicz) and his cadets, sounding off about disliking green eggs and ham,
There’s a lot of flavor in this musical to appeal to every sir, child and madame.

The full orchestra is powerful and sometimes overpowers the voices,
But the modern-day jing tinglers, flu floopers, trum tupers and slu-slumkers make oh so joyful noises.

The dancing is lively and the actors bring high energy and expressiveness needed in a kids’ show, those are facts.
You’ll see many familiar and beloved characters return, like The Grinch (Adam Fancher) and his dog Max (Jake Kordas).

So whether your soar to the Warner like Vlad Vladikoff (Dylan Zawisza) or inch there slowly like Yertle the Turtle (Joe Guttadauro), come see these stars,
They’ll help you see you’re not alone in the universe and teach you about friendship, and make you think just how lucky you are.

The staging and characterizations in “Seussical” are creative and cleaver.
Well done by Richard McKenna on his first directing endeavor.

Music directed by TJ Thompson and choreographed by Sharon Wilcox, the musical is two acts,
And on the last day of the run, Aug. 7, you’ll be visited by special friend, The Lorax.

So, go to warnertheatre.org for tickets and info,
And of all the places you go, one you won’t regret is this show!



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